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  • July 16 - 20

2024 FAIR

July 16 - 20


Disclaimer & Drug & Alcohol Policy

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Exposition Gardens Drug and Alcohol Policy

Exposition Gardens (Expo) is committed to protecting the safety, health, and wellbeing of all individuals in our facility.  We have established a drug and alcohol-free facility policy that balances our respect for individuals with the need to maintain a drug and alcohol-free environment.

Drug and Alcohol-Free Facility
Exposition Gardens prohibits the transportation of illegal drugs, medical cannabis, or alcohol onto the property at any time. Any illegal drug paraphernalia or outside alcohol found at the facility will immediately be confiscated and the appropriate authorities notified.

Special Events
During specific events, alcoholic beverages may be made available for purchase from approved vendors within designated areas at the facility.  At these approved events, patrons of Expo will be allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages once proof of age has been provided.  Purchase of alcohol will be limited to three (3) beverages per person at one time. 

All employees, volunteers, and patrons are expected to exercise good judgment and moderation. In no instance may any underage individual consume alcohol at any Expo events.  All employees, volunteers, and patrons are expected to comply fully with all laws (including laws prohibiting the operation of motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol), and to take safety precautions including arranging for a designated sober driver.     

Last Revision & Review:  06.26.23